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Representing Minnesota residents in their child custody disputes

Our children are the most precious possessions we have. They bring us joy, the give us love, and our relationship and unbreakable bond with them extend beyond words. That's why, when we realize that a Minnesota court truly has the power to break our bonds with our children, it can be frightening.

How do I prevent loneliness after my divorce?

If you're going through a divorce after the age of 50, you might be worried about feeling lonely as you grow older. You might find a new partner to grow old with, but fears of loneliness in the meantime are a valid concern. Nevertheless, many Minnesotans are overcoming their fears of loneliness with some excellent strategies.

Assisted reproductive technology in Minnesota

Numerous would-be Minnesota mothers want to have babies but are unable to do so. Some of these mothers have loving husbands who are also eager to have a baby of their own. Fortunately, the modern era of assisted reproductive technology services is making it possible for mothers -- would otherwise not be able to have a baby of their own -- have children that are theirs biologically as well as their husbands.

Stay financially afloat following your divorce

Some Minnesota residents view alimony and child support as if it were a negative. They say that alimony recipients should be responsible for their own income and it's unfair to the spouse who pays. Some might even complain that child support payments are too high, and noncustodial parents shouldn't be on the hook to pay so much money each month for the support of their children.

Newborn baby found at Cathedral of St. Paul

Someone left a newborn baby on the steps of the Cathedral of St. Paul on Jan. 4. The baby is currently healthy and child services officials are taking care of it. A custodian for the church found the baby at around 6 p.m., in a plastic laundry basket in between the interior and exterior doorways of the main church where night mass had just been held.

What's a living together contract?

In the eyes of the Minnesota family law system, marriage is viewed exactly as a legal contract between two parties in which it is understood -- based on the terms of marriage under the law -- what both parties owe to one another. This, and the responsibilities that come with it, apply to the spouses as parents of shared children and as individuals who are part owners of shared assets and liabilities.

Do teens need parental permission to get sex-change treatments?

A Minnesota mother filed suit last Wednesday after her 17-year-old son began receiving sexual reassignment treatments without garnering her permission. The lawsuit names two governmental agencies, saying that the agencies and medical clinics have infringed upon her parental rights. She says that the agencies and medical service providers did not obtain a court order to emancipate her child prior to administering the sex-change treatments against her wishes.

How property division works in the state of Minnesota

As an equitable distribution state, Minnesota enforces a division of assets that is "fair" given the circumstances of the marriage, and subsequent divorce, of two people. What is important to note about equitable distribution and the "fair" division of assets is that this doesn't mean that the assets will be divided equally. There is no guarantee that one spouse will get "50 percent" and the other spouse gets the other "50 percent." It could happen, but it is far more likely that the division of property will not be "equal." Instead, the division will adequately and fairly reflect the circumstances of the marriage and divorce.

What happens to a custody agreement when a parent moves?

Life comes at you very fast. One day you are married with a child, and the next your divorce is finalized and a joint custody agreement is in place. Given how life works, there is no way that anyone could predict the future. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. So when you agree to a child custody arrangement, it isn't as if the arrangement will stay in place unchanged for years and years. Life will happen, and the agreement will need to be updated and altered frequently.

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