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Can pregnancy be confined to a business contract?

Pregnancy is not an experience that is easily relegated to the confines of a business contract. Nevertheless, that is exactly what the legalization of commercial surrogacy would strive to do. A proposed change to Minnesota law that would allow for business contracts between would-be parents and surrogate mothers could turn pregnancy into a for-profit business activity.

Learning about your young adopted child

Minnesota parents who decide to adopt a young child into their homes will have a lot of emotions flooding through them. They will also need to organize a lot of the legal aspects of the adoption, which they can carry out with the assistance of a lawyer. All this activity might interfere with the new parents getting to know their child in the best way. To prevent that, here's some advice on learning about your child.

Minnesota organization educates citizens about adoption

A Minnesota-based group is trying to spread good information about child adoption in order to dispel common myths about the process. The organization, known as Bellis, wants adoption in the spotlight. One of its sponsored projects includes the "Orphan Train" musical, which was recently performed at St. Paul's History Theatre.

Can I adopt my stepchild?

If you're a stepparent hoping to adopt your stepchild, rest assured that it is indeed possible and it's relatively common in Minnesota. Legal steps must be taken, and sometimes legal hurdles must be overcome -- particularly if the biological parent does not agree with the adoption. However, a stepparent adoption is considerably less difficult than other types of adoption when all parties are in agreement that the adoption process may move forward.

International adoption support in Minnesota

Minnesota parents may not always be able to find a child to adopt locally, and they may need to turn to an international adoption agency to find the child of their dreams. Some sources for adoptive children can be Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia or other countries. However, when adopting a child from overseas, there are some unique legal concerns that parents will need to navigate.

Factors that affect the adoption process

Although the adoption of a child involves one or two adults formally acquiring guardianship and parental rights over a child, at Berg, Debele, Desmidt & Rabuse, we have seen that the circumstances under which an adoption occurs can be very different. These differences can dictate the legal strategies that are required to ensure that the adoption is successful.

489 Minnesota children looking for homes right now

There are so many loving Minnesota families with room for a child, and many of these families are actually looking for a child to adopt right now. For those who are looking to adopt, there is no better time than now. According to the Minnesota Department of Human Service, there are currently 489 children in our state's group homes, foster homes, residential treatment facilities and emergency shelters. These children are looking for adoptive parents who they can call "mom" and "dad."

Consider legal counsel when addressing an adoption case

Adoption is a major moment in any parent's life, as well as the life of the adopted child. However, some people may not consider the legal proceedings that entail this loving moment. Adoption is, after all, the legal act of transferring the rights of a biological parent to the adoptive parent. As such, this is a very serious decision and one that should not be taken lightly.

The basics of adoption in Minnesota (PART 2)

In our last post we started a discussion about the basics of adopting a child in Minnesota. Once an individual or a couple decides to adopt a child, there are a lot of steps that need to be taken. One of the most important (and often the most stressful) parts of the adoption process is the adoption home study. This process is required by a court in order to complete an adoption locally or internationally.

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