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Is (blank) covered by child support? Probably!

You could fill in the blank in the title with just about any financial factor, and it would probably be covered by child support payments. And yet, there are many people out there who presume that child support is a very limited and select form of financial support that can only be utilized for specific costs that are related to a child. However, child support can be used for a variety of financial purposes.

If it relates to the raising of a child, then your child support payments can be used to paying for the financials costs. Let's begin with the basics. So food, shelter, clothes, medical care -- all of these things can be paid for by child support payments that you either send to or receive from your spouse.

Then you have your child's education, and all of the costs that are related to it. Tuition for school (even college), school supplies, childcare and babysitters, and even after-school clubs and teams can be paid for with child support.

Other somewhat-intricate factors can be justified as a cost covered by child support. For example, entertainment is something that can be paid for with child support. A movie night, a new video game, your internet connection, a sporting event, a camping trip -- all of these things can be paid for with child support. Even transportation to and from many locations that you and your child go to can be covered by child support payments.

Source: FindLaw, "What Does Child Support Cover?," Accessed July 5, 2016

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